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    The group was created within the context of the project “Diálogos Inteligentes Multimodales en Español” (DIME, Intelligent Multimodal Dialogues in Spanish) in 1998 at IIMAS, UNAM where it has been established since. The goals of the DIME project were the analysis of multimodal task-oriented human dialogues, the development of a Spanish grammar, speech recognition in Spanish, and the integration of a software platform for the construction of interactive systems with spoken Spanish. By 2001 the group started the Golem project with the purpose of generalizing the theory for the construction of intelligent mobile agents, in particular the Golem robot. A first result was a version of a theory for the specification and interpretation of dialogue models which is still a corner stone in the group’s philosophy.

    Since 2011, we have participated at the RoboCup@Home competition: Istanbul 2011, Mexico 2012 (8th place), Netherlands 2013, Germany 2016 (6th place) and Japan 2017. We have also participated in the Torneo Mexicano de Robótica (TMR) in 2012 (1st place), 2013 and 2016 (2nd place), and the German Open in 2012 (3rd place), 2018 (3rd place) and 2019 (5th place). We won the Innovation Award of the league at the RoboCup 2013 for our demo in which the robot uses its audio-localization system to perform a waiter role in a noisy enviroment.

    During the span of 2014 and 2015, the team developed the iteration of the Golem presented in Germany 2016, Golem-III. This version uses a set of modular behaviors programmed in SitLog, a knowledge base system, a system for detecting, identifying and tracking persons, and a audio-activity tracker. In terms of hardware, this implementation uses a robotic torso, which includes a 2-DOF robotic neck and two 5-DOF robotic arms. In the iteration presented here, Golem-III has a new platform for diagnostic, decision making and planning, which was built as an inference machine platform that is useful for dynamic environments, error detection and recovery.

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    You can find the team members here and the registration materials here.